Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hello everyone!  After the week I have had I definitely feel that some pretty cakes are in order!  This magnificent creation by Laduree is awe inspiring!  Perfect for the French Queen herself ......

This delicate confection is so pretty ...

I always love using flowers to decorate cakes .... it just finishes them off beautifully and adds to the whimsy of the occasion .... 
xx M.A. the 2nd

credits ~ Laduree, Pinterest, Tata Chervonnaya photography

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Friday, January 30, 2015

Beautiful White and Green!

Beautiful white and green for the week-end....

This is me .... (I wish)

Roses and silver ... perfect....

Beautiful .... both living and sculpted ....
have a wonderful week-end
xxx M.A. the 2nd

Images: Pinterest, My blog, unknown but still searching!
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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Pink and Gold!

I am so loving pink and gold at the moment!  Well actually I have always loved it!  The powder room above is stunning.... I know it is very OTT but you cannot deny it is beautiful and breathtaking.  The balance of gold and marble is perfect and the little posy of pink flowers is perfect!

Then of course there is my favourite .... the Charbonnel Milk and Pink Champagne chocolate truffles ......

Suzanne Kasler style .... she is incredible!

Don't need to say anymore do I?  Chanel pink and gold!

Charbonnel again and rose petals ....

Carolyn Quartermaine's genius never ceases to amaze me ...

and Lisa Vanderpump's pink and gold room is so fresh and light ....

For my 50th birthday dinner I had an "All That Glitters" theme and I loved it so much .... enjoy and I will post photos soon of the cake and decorations ... they were amazing!
xxx M.A. the 2nd

Images via Pinterest, Chanel, Charbonnel et Walker, Suzanne Kasler, Lisa Vanderpump, Carolyn Quartermaine
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Friday, January 16, 2015

Hello again and Happy New Year!  I am so sorry for my so long absence but 2014 was a bit of a challenge in more ways than one however it is a New Year full of excitement and possibilities!

I hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas and a well earned holiday break ......

I found gorgeous wrapping paper and ribbon .... and did the usual traditional Christmas which was so special as we were all home together....

We were lucky enough to have some time at Versace on the Gold Coast and it never disappoints .....

High Tea in Le Jardin ......

So pretty ....

Amazing confections .....

Dinner at Fellini's ....

Alex and his gorgeous girlfriend, Sophie ....
(don't forget to go and see "Unbroken" as Alex plays Louis Zamperini's older brother!)

We also had time in Sydney as Dominic is moving there as he is finished his Bachelor of Fine Arts, Acting .... another one moving far away!  Finally found him a unit but took a lot of time and research ....

The iconic Opera House from our hotel room ...

Dominic took me to dinner at Chiswick in Sydney for my 50th Birthday present! ( have more to show you from the party but will do it in another post!)

Enjoying Chiswick .... the gardens are stunning ....

Georgie and I had tea at the Tea Salon in Sydney .....

This is the most gorgeous setting I have seen in a long time!
So excited to be back and I can't wait to visit all of you soon!
Have a great weekend
xx M.A. the 2nd

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Monday, June 9, 2014


Oh my goodness …… what a whirlwind the last couple of months have been!  I'm back and have missed you all so much!

These beautiful interiors from Sarah Richardson have really inspired me of late especially the grey cabinetry in the kitchen!

Very tranquil and peaceful ….

and a bouquet of cushions below!!!!

There is much to share with you … have a great week!

xxxx M.A. the 2nd

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Time for Tea!

What is it about pretty cakes, delicate china and soft linen that makes us swoon?  It is the feeling of a bygone era where  time did stand still when you took tea...  Where conversations and gossip where shared …. where the delicate art of sipping tea out of an antique cup was sublime.

We are all so busy and this tradition of afternoon tea sounds the perfect antidote for all of us!  I made these cupcakes on Monday afternoon before I picked Georgiana up from school.  I had worked all day and I just felt like baking something …. these cakes are a Donna Hay recipe  … it took in all 40mins including cooking and I was so glad I did it… Homemade cupcakes for afternoon tea and it was perfect … with Georgie's hectic school and dance schedule Monday is the one afternoon where she and I can sit and take time for tea …..

The beauty of these cakes are that they freeze and refrigerate beautifully … I did a vanilla cream and jam filling and dusted with icing sugar ….

I just wanted to quickly show you the new upholstery on my Georgian chairs … love them!

more cupcakes 

The beautiful Countess of Downton Abbey … currently watching Season 4 and loving it!!! Now those Edwardians new how to take tea!

Exquisite …..

Marie Antoinette took tea regularly and the Emperor of China was known to send her tea!

I am on a journey out west tomorrow to see a lovely country client and help her with the Homestead …. I am so excited as we are currently also doing the townhouse which is coming along nicely ….. time stands still in the country I am told … I certainly hope so!  I think I should pack my riding boots as well and try and resurrect my riding skills!  Have a wonderful Friday and don't forget to smile!

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Brian J McCarthy

These beautiful interiors are by Brian J McCarthy who is a Manhattan based interior designer.  I absolutely fell in love with these gorgeous hues.  The home is a beach house in upstate New York and is whimsical and fresh!

  These beautiful images are from Verandah magazine ….. look at the detailing on the Louis chairs and the stripes!

Brian J. McCarthy is a former partner of the iconic firm, Parish-Hadley and has just release a new book "Luminous Interiors"!

The subtle use of grey and pink horizontal stripes painted on the walls is soothing and elegant….  I think I might just pop onto Amazon and secure my copy of this very talented designers work!  Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Valentine's Day!

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